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Lightning Auto Loader EX-25

25 Capacity Soapstick Launcher

  • Load Up To 25 Sticks in the EX-25
  • Maximize Efficiency and Increase Uptime
  • Lockable Weather Case
  • User-Friendly Controller
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LT – 25 Soap Stick Launcher On Location

The LT – 25 Soap Stick Launcher has been designed with Your Safety in mind and ease of operation. It is capable of holding up to 25 Soap Sticks at a time. The unit is fully adjustable to meet different height requirements of Well Head Trees. It loads from the ground thus eliminating the need for ladders to climb to the top of the Well Head Tree and eliminating possible injuries due to slippery or ice covered surfaces while carrying soap sticks. At the same time Field Operators are never Exposed directly to the High Pressures of the Well Head Tree.

The Soap Sticks are loaded inside a Weather proof Fiberglass Cabinet of the Base Unit, which is capable of being locked to keep out unauthorized personnel. By keeping the Soap Sticks separate from the Well Head Tree, the Sticks are never exposed for long periods of time, to the hot surfaces of the Piping or the pressure and atmosphere elements that they are designed to dissolve in. Tubes may be alternated for optimal well Performance.

It contains a User Friendly Controller to set Drop Times 24/7 which increases Production Sales and at the same time reduces repeated return trips by Field Operators to manually drop Sticks by Hand, which in turn generates Savings at the Gas Pump and reduces Maintenance on their Vehicles.

By setting Drop Cycles through out the day at different intervals it is far more effective to drop one Stick 3 or 4 times in a 24 hour Period than to drop 2 or 3 Sticks all at once and drive off. The Controller is operated by 4 – Double A” Batteries that on average last about 1 and a half years. The Controller can be bypassed to hook directly into a SCADA System, Total Flow System or for Satellite Link up.

The Upper Section – A’ Section – Consist of an Automatic Safety Check for Blow Out Prevention, and a 2” Full Port NACE TRIM Balon Ball Valve Rated at 2000 PSI. The entire unit can be, with the simple pull of a pin and turn of a dial, Full Ported should you ever have a need to remove a lodged Stick. It has a ¼” Stainless Steel Ball Valve and Hose rated at 2000 PSI to Equalize pressure between the Tubing of the Well and the Load Chamber.

The Boom and Catcher Assembly have an Inner Section which is adjustable to set the Correct Height between the Base Section and the Upper A’ Section. When a Drop Cycle Hits, the Large Air Cylinder raises the Boom with a soap stick to Drop down into the Well. It requires only 25 PSI of supply gas to do this.
The Entire Set up can be done in about 2 ½ hours or less.

Optional Set Ups and PSI Ratings are Available should you have a need.


Model LT – 100: 100 Stick Model of the Lightning Auto Loader. This Option is very attractive in remote areas where it is not feasible to visit the Well on a Regular Basis.

Satellite Link Up Option: This Option is available for companies that wish to monitor the well performance or be able to drop soap sticks from their office, laptop or other remote locations.
H2S Service Option: This option is recommended on wells which produce H2S. It contains Stainless /Steel Fittings and appropriate hardware for H2S.

Methanol Pump Option: This option has been found useful in areas where the Launcher is operating in temperatures below –10 degrees f. this option can be installed when the unit is installed, or installed later if the need arises.

Power Options: The Lightning Auto Loader operates on 25psi of clean, dry supply gas. If this supply is not available it can be operated off of a Nitrogen Bottle or Solar Compressor.

Scrubber Pot: This option is recommended if you think you may have wet gas.

Safety Shutdown Systems: Safety Shut Down systems can be incorporated should you have a need.

Boom Length: Short Boom & Extended Boom options available

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