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LT-250 Sand Separator

For Sands & Solids

  • Reduces Frequency of Pulling Downhole Pump by 300%
  • Industry's Most Effective Downhole Separators
  • Less Maintenance, More Saving!
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Maintain Less, Save More

The patented Lightning Downhole Sand and Solids Separator™ puts an end to the destructive effects of sand, corrosives and other solids. The Lightning Separator can effectively reduce the frequency of pulling a down-hole pump for repair or replacement due to corrosion damage by as much as 300%!

Try the patented Lightning Sand and Solids Separator in your field and compare the frequency of maintenance and the cost savings. You’ll experience the highest productivity and the least need for maintenance of any of your producing fields!

We’re changing the artificial lift environment – For the better !

Problems caused by solids in your wellbore:

Excessive Pump Wear
Sticking Plungers
Pump Fouling
More Frequent Maintenance
Greater Pulling Costs

The Patented Apexius Sand and Solids Separator WORKS!

Production fluids and contaminants enter Stage 1 intake slots.
Downward velocity increases, forcing sand and contaminants to the mud anchor.
Suction velocity of pump intake is minimized to reduce vacuum effort.
Fluid – cleared of solids – flows upward through Stage 1 into Stage 2 where the remaining smaller particulates are completely filtered and removed.

Lightning Separators are manufactured to guarantee success in harsh environments.

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